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Flowers video footage. Plants, gardens. Collection of royalty free video footage dedicated to flowers and vegetation in general. Lots of flowers with close-up and macro shots. From the pistils with pollen to the corollas, up to the bushes with the background of the Cinque Terre sea. Cultivation of olive trees in the background of the monastery of San Francesco di Assisi or with the sea of Liguria and the Cinque Terre. The gardens of Milan Citylife or Castello Sforzesco, frequented by many people on weekends. Slow-motion footage of bees sucking nectar from flowers. Flowers with the background of the ships in transit on the sea of Liguria. Pine trees, prickly pears or Mediterranean bushes with the sea of the Cinque Terre. Movies are available in HD 1920×1080 pixel and 4K 4096×2160 pixel format.

Flowers video footage | Plants | Gardens

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