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Marble quarries video. The major white marble quarries are located on the Apuan Alps and in particular in Carrara. The Apuan Alps are mountains located in the north of Tuscany, almost to the border with the Liguria region. The Apuan Alps were formed by the sedimentation and subsequent compression of enormous quantities of limestone residues such as corals. Currently on the Apuane there are numerous quarries where mainly white marble is extracted. Marble is extracted for two different uses: that of construction material and production of objects and that for use in the chemical sector as calcium carbonate. The marble quarries videos show the work of extracting marble for the two different uses. In the video marble quarries there are equipment and means used for the extraction and transport of marble in blocks or debris. The marble quarries videos show excavators, pneumatic hammers, diamond wire block cutters used for the extraction and cutting of marble. The marble quarries videos are available in HD 1920×1080 pixel and 4k 4096×2160 pixel formats.

Marble quarries | Video footage

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