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Bari video, collection of videos in HD 1920×1080 pixel and 4K format with 4096×2160 resolution. The video catalog includes the various architectural aspects of the city of Bari. From the Church of San Nicola to the Norman-Swabian castle up to the Apulian stone walls that surround the city. There are also fishermen who sell their catch at the fish market and their boats anchored to the marina. All videos can be purchased and downloaded directly from our site. The city of Bari has a very ancient history. Walking through the narrow streets of the city you can see how the streets have a conformation that recalls the Arab cities. The city was in the past disputed between Normans and Byzantines who influenced its urban development. In the nineties the historic center of Bari underwent a redevelopment work by the municipal administration. Today the historic center shows all its beauty with its magnificent buildings built in Apulian stone.

Bari | Apulia | Italy 

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