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Varese Italy is a collection of royalty-free images dedicated to the city of Varese and its architecture. The main buildings in Varese date back to the mid-eighteenth century and to the fascist period. During the Austrian domination of Maria Teresa, the fiefdom of Varese was entrusted to Francesco III d’Este, Duke of Modena and Reggio who had what is still the greatest attraction of the city built today: the Villa Estense and its park.

In the Varese Italy collection, there are images of the park and the Villa Estense with the splendid Italian garden dominated by a large fountain.

During the fascist period, several buildings were built in the city by important architects close to the Italian rationalist movement. Architect Angiolo Mazzoni, designer of the Italian Railways and Post Office designed the Varese Post Office building in Via Milano. The building is characterized by the use of exposed bricks for the lower part and to identify the entrance area. The brick walls are surmounted by numerous bronze sculptures made by Domenico Ponzi and Nando Conti. Other buildings of architectural interest are the civic tower or lictorian tower and the building of the Chamber of Commerce.

Varese Italy | Architecture and environment

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