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Colonnata footage. The small village of Colonnata is located in the Apuan Alps, a few kilometers from the city of Carrara. Since ancient times, the village of Colonnata has been inhabited by marble quarrymen. In fact, the name of Colonnata derives from the Latin columna, a term that indicates precisely the marble columns that were produced with marble extracted from quarries. The small village is built almost entirely with the waste from the extraction of marble from the nearby quarries. The buildings in the town are covered with plaster, but the marble stones used for the construction can be seen in the characteristic bell tower.

Colonnata footage and Carrara | Marble and lard

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The village is interesting for its location surrounded by the marble mountains of the Apuan Alps and for the narrow alleys of the town, where today there are some shops where you can taste the famous Lardo di Colonnata. Lardo di Colonnata, a traditional food of the marble quarrymen, is produced by maturing the pork lard in large marble tanks of the Apuan Alps.

Among the panoramic places where you can see the landscape of the marble quarries and the Apuan Alps, we recommend the courtyard in front of the church, where, among other things, the monument to the Christ of the quarryman is placed. Movies are available in HD and 4k formats. The Colonnata footage royalty free video collection includes videos taken in the village and landscapes with the marble quarries and the Apuan Alps. For special needs it is possible to order the execution of films with specific subjects on the marble quarries or on the village of Colonnata and the province of Massa Carrara.