Geothermal power plant | Larderello | Tuscany

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Geothermal power plant. Larderello and the surrounding hills are part of an area of Tuscany from which Dante was inspired by the description of hell in his Divine Comedy. Larderello is located in the province of Pisa. Vapors emerge from the soil of the hills and are now used for the production of electricity. The first power plants were installed starting from the early 1900s. Today the Larderello geothermal power plants produce a large amount of electricity. 10% of the world production of geothermal energy comes from the Larderello plants. Footage in this collection includes evaporation towers from geothermal power plants, views, vegetation, and volcanic fumaroles that are here called boraciferous fumaroles. The shower heads were used in the past for the production of boric acidGeothermal power plants.

Geothermal power plant and boraciferous shower heads

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