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European cities photos

European City Photos is a selection of royalty-free images that can be purchased and downloaded directly online. The photos are available with different types of licenses suitable for uses such as educational, editorial, advertising, web. The collection includes the various aspects of the cities and landscapes of Switzerland with its mountains, the Spain of Barcelona, ​​Granada and other villages, Germany with the architectures of Berlin, France, and Holland with the canals of Amsterdam and the characteristic mills a wind of Zaanse Shans.

Amsterdam and the windmills of Zaanse Shans

Amsterdam, its canals, the characteristic terraced houses, the traffic of boats and bicycles. Buildings of modern and contemporary architecture such as the H. P. Berlage Stock Exchange, the Eye Film Museum Institute, the new Pontsteiger building. The curious Houseboats anchored on the quays and the numerous boats that ply the canals. The many bicycles used by the inhabitants for all local trips.

The famous Dutch windmills of Zaanse Shans cannot be missing from the collection of photos of European cities. In this village along the canal, several windmills have been restored and used in the past for various purposes. Some windmills were used as a driving force for cutting timber. Others were used to grind cocoa berries, still others to pump water from land to canals.


After the fall of the Berlin wall, on November 9, 1989, the union of the two Germanys, east and west, the city underwent a profound architectural and urban renewal. The recovery and renewal, which started from the most degraded neighborhoods such as Kreuzberg, which in the past had been subject to indiscriminate demolitions, up to the recovery of public buildings such as the Reichstag building, now the seat of the German vestment. The selection of European city photos includes Berlin landmarks and landmarks, such as Alexanderplatz with the TV tower, the new Jewish museum building, the Potsdamerplatz palaces, the Holocaust memorial, the Brandenburg Gate.

Barcelona, ​​Granada, Seville and the Spanish landscapes

Barcelona has been an important commercial, political and cultural center since the mid-nineteenth century. Barcelona is the city where the architect Antoni Gaudì worked. The presence of this artist also influenced the subsequent development of the city. Gaudì has in fact designed and largely created impressive works such as the Guelle park, Casa Batlló, Palazzo Güell and Casa Vicens. The famous church of the Sagrada Familia is still being completed today, where the partial designs made by Gaudì were developed and interpreted by a willing group of contemporary technicians.