Emilia Romagna photos.

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Emilia Romagna photos with the main cities, the environment and agriculture. The architecture of the buildings in Emilia is characterized by the use of terracotta bricks even without plaster (exposed face). The Palazzo della Pilotta, the bell tower of the Parma cathedral or the Rocca Pallavicino and Busseto are examples of the use of facing brick whose colors reflect those of the earth with which they are built. The Photo Emilia Romagna collection includes images of parks and the natural environment such as the Cisa Pass, the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and aspects of the Po Valley.

Giuseppe Verdi and Busseto

Busseto and Verdi are part of the Emilia Romagna photo collection. The recently restored birthplace of Giuseppe Verdi in Roncole di Busseto is an example of the rural houses of the Po Valley. A bronze bust of the composer has been placed in the garden of the house where he was born. The Palazzo della Rocca Pallavicino with the bronze monument of the great Italian musician Giuseppe Verdi sitting on an armchair. Also in Busseto, the Giuseppe Verdi museum located in the Villa Pallavicino, a Renaissance villa with a beautiful park crossed by a canal, located just outside the historic center of Busseto.


Parma was from 1545 the capital of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza and Guastalla. In 1859 the Duchy was annexed to the Savoy kingdom and then into the Kingdom of Italy. The loss of the Duchy led to a phase of economic decay and a decrease in the population. In the Emilia Romagna photo collection the city is represented by the main historical buildings such as the Romanesque Cathedral, the Baptistery built with red Verona marble. The Piazza della Pace with the large monument dedicated to Giuseppe Verdi and the Palazzo della Pilotta built with exposed terracotta bricks. The photo collection also features images of institutional buildings such as the Parma Chamber of Commerce and the Italian State Railways Station.