Naviglio and rivers of Lombardy photos | Ticino river

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Naviglio and rivers. The whole Lombardy region is an area rich in water due to the rivers that spring from the Alps. This Fiumi Lombardia collection includes photos of the main waterways such as the Ticino river, the Villoresi canal and the Naviglio. The artificial canals have been built in the past centuries to favor the connections and the transport of goods in the city of Milan. In the mid-1800s, an original transport system with horse-drawn boats was in operation in the Naviglio Grande. This service had the name of Hipposidra. Dams have been built along the rivers and canals that feed power plants such as that of Panperduto or thermoelectric plants such as that of Tornavento. The collection of Fiumi Lombardia images includes photos of the power plants located on waterways.

Naviglio and river of Lombardy | Royalty-free stock photos

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