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Tuscany photos

Tuscany photos is a collection of images dedicated to Tuscany and all its environmental, architectural and social aspects. The Tuscany collection consists of high quality photographs taken in the cities and surroundings of the region. The images can be purchased with different types of royalty-free licenses for various types of use: editorial, advertising, educational, web and graphics in general. The photographs are of high quality and almost always without retouching so as to leave to the creative the possibility to customize or improve the characteristics of tonality, color or sharpness of the image.

Towns and villages of Tuscany

The Tuscany photo selection includes the main towns and villages of the region. Tourist cities such as Pisa or Livorno, towns of historical or environmental interest, such as Sant’Anna di Stazzema, known for the Nazi extermination in the Second World War. The village of Colonnata, located in the mountains of the Apuan Alps, near Carrara.

From the Carrara marble quarries to the sea

The marble quarries of Carrara and the Apuan Alps in general are included in the selection of stock photos. In these marble quarries, the ancient Romans extracted the marble to decorate villas and palaces while Michelangelo came to choose the marble blocks to make the sculptures. The Apuan Alps also offer splendid mountain views overlooking the sea.


In the town of Larderello, in the province of Pisa, intense jets of steam come out of the ground, called dandelions. Dante too was inspired by this landscape to describe his hell in the Divine Comedy. Today the boraciferous shower heads are used for the production of electricity. The collection of stock images includes photographs of the Larderello geothermal power plants, managed by ENEL and images of the steam jets inside the Biancane park.


Massa Marittima, Castiglione della Pescaia, Talamone and the ancient Roman-Etruscan city of Cosa are part of the royalty-free stock image collection.