Chianti hills photos | Florence – Siena | Tuscany | Italy

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Chianti hills stock photos. The hilly area between Florence and Siena takes the name of Chianti Hills. This area is characterized by a hilly area where vines have been cultivated for many years and the famous Chianti wine is produced. These hills are also famous for the clay with which Tuscan terracotta is made. Tiles, modern facades, decorative elements for gardens are the artifacts that come out of the numerous factories in the Chianti hills. The major Tuscan terracotta kilns are located in Impruneta. These areas are very popular with foreign tourists who appreciate both the landscapes and the typical Tuscan cuisine that can be tasted in the trattorias. There are many entrepreneurs from all over the world who manage and cultivate companies where Chianti wine is produced.

Chianti hills photos | Florence- Siena | Stock photos royalty free

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