Colonnata photos. Village of the lard | Carrara | Tuscany | Italy

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Colonnata photos. The town of the famous lard. The small village is located in the mountains of the Apuan Alps, a few kilometers from the city of Carrara. The origins of the village date back to the age of ancient Rome. In fact, the quarrymen who worked in the nearby quarries lived in Colonnata. The marbles of the village were in fact used by the Romans to adorn private and public buildings and to create sculptures. The Colonnata photos gallery includes images of the views of the village and details of the characteristic houses built with white marble stones. The pictures of the selection “Colonnata photos” include some signs of the small public places where it is possible to taste the famous lard.

Colonnata photos. Village of the lard| Carrara| Stock royalty free

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